How to Prep Your Team for the Fantasy Football Playoffs

Here's a great recent article by Geoff Lambert at Fantasy Pros that discusses 5 ways to prepare your fantasy football team for a playoff run. In a nutshell, here are the 5 areas:

  1. Stream your kicker
  2. Handcuff your running backs
  3. Acquire a good backup quarterback
  4. Stream defenses
  5. Pray

Make sure to read the article for full details. Other than kicker streaming, I agree with the other points strongly.  I'd at least handcuff my best 1-2 RBs, if possible. I am of the opinion though that you should've done this already. 

Unless you have a top-shelf defense, I am all for streaming, even if you have to carry a second defense on your roster over a 5th or 6th WR.

I don't agree as strongly with kicker streaming because, though there a few things you can do to tilt kicker performance in your favor, kicker output is very unpredictable.

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