Draft Young RBs and WRs to Succeed at Fantasy Football

This blog is all about trying to teach owners ways to get an upper hand in their fantasy football league.  Here's an interesting article at numberFire.com about drafting younger players over older ones.  The crux of the article -- draft young RBs and WRs:

In 2014, just three older players drafted in the mid-to-late rounds broke into the top 20 at their position, and none made it into the top 15. However, the other nine mid-to-late rounders that populated the top 15 were young players. In total, 13 young players made it into the top 20 at their position, while only three older players managed that feat.
 Age doesn't matter at QB or TE.  In fact, at QB, in my opinion going young could be counterproductive.

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