Most Consistent Positions in Fantasy Football Year to Year

Tight ends are the most consistent position in fantasy football in terms of scoring. According the the NY Times's fantasy football blog, "tight end fantasy points have a strength of correlation of 0.62 from year to year, meaning around 62 percent of their performance is repeatable and 38 percent regresses toward the mean."

The portion of the article regarding consistency is excerpted here but I encourage you to read the entire thing using the link above.

Quarterbacks aren’t far behind with a year-to-year correlation of around 0.60. Quarterback rushing yards are actually the most consistent stat in all of fantasy football.

Running backs check in at third in our consistency rankings with a year-to-year strength of correlation of about 0.48. Wide receivers are fourth at 0.42. Kickers have zero consistency from season to season, and defenses have next to none. Understanding these correlations can help you devise projections and select between players at different positions.

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