Win Your Fantasy Football League Through Superior Preparation and Hard Work

I'm reading a book called "Earn the Right to Win" by NY Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.  In it, he espouses superior preparation and hard work as the keys to success.

You're thinking, "Don't tell me this applies to fantasy football. FF is mostly luck."

Yeah, a lot of luck is involved when it comes to fantasy, but real life football outcomes hinge on luck, too.  Even in fantasy football, if you outwork and out research your opponents, your odds of prevailing increase.

Superior preparation in fantasy football entails lots of research.  You need to acquire and start the best players on a consistent basis.  This means watching, reading, and hearing lots of football games and news.  You have to start researching early, a couple of months before your draft; better yet, you should follow the NFL and college football to some degree all year round. 

Strong prep means looking at stats, too -- lots of 'em.  And while it goes without saying that you should track TDs and yardage, you need to examine more esoteric stuff too like targets, passes attempted, touches, red zone looks, etc.  -- data that helps you compare players and their chances of scoring.

Hard work, when it comes to fantasy football, involves constantly evaluating your team and making the right moves, based on your assiduous research, to maximize its chances of winning.  Never stop combing the waiver wire or attempting to make trades that can improve your team.  Look at each position on your team and see if you can better it.  Don't let up and don't ever become complacent.

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