To Win, Churn Your Fantasy Football Team

I've written in other articles about the importance of looking for value and upside in your fantasy football players.  These two properties are moving targets, however.  Some players may look poised to break out one moment only to have it pass them by the next.

The only way to keep up is to churn the last one or two spots on your roster.  You'll have to be willing to sign and drop a lot of players.  If you are the type that hordes players because you're afraid they'll explode after you release them, then you'll have a hard time getting your hands on high upside types and you'll see opportunity pass you by more often than not.

To allay your fears as much as possible while churning your bottom roster spot(s), perform due diligence on both the player you'll sign and the one you'll release.  What are the odds that the former will produce greatly?  What are the odds that the latter will?  If the guy you want to grab has a great shot of exploding soon, do it.  Sure, there's a chance the player you let go could have a few good games, but if you did your homework thoroughly, you'll have released them only because they odds of this were small.

And if the odds were small, you made the right decision, even if the outcome wasn't great. 

Of course, churning may not be possible in leagues where you pay real money for transactions or those that, have transaction limits.  But why play in such leagues anyway?  I don't.  The best leagues allow for and reward hard work and intrepidity.

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