The Importance of Value in Fantasy Football

There are three goals you should shoot for while assembling and managing your fantasy football team:
  1. Consistency 
  2. Value
  3. Upside
Today we'll cover the second item, value.  (Here's the article about consistency.)

Value is the key to winning in fantasy football.  When you get value, you get players that greatly increase your team's ability to win in exchange for only low draft picks, small auction bids, cheap or low-bid waiver wire transactions, or trades involving your team's marginal players.

I believe that every league I've won has been because I excel at identifying players I can get at a great value.  For example, many moons ago I signed RB Rueben Droughns off the waiver wire and stashed him on my roster, which enabled me to later start him for several games while he was on a torrid pace.  I've signed Greg Jennings and Marques Colston off waivers when they were unknown commodities, and in each case I drastically bolstered my WR corps at the expense of just a waiver transaction.

Perhaps my greatest coup was when I drafted DeAngelo Williams late in the draft the year his yardage and touchdown totals exploded.  I surely didn't expect that sort of stellar production, but I knew enough to figure he was a good value in that he was likely to be valuable to my team while coming cheap.  Finally, last year, I drafted rookie RB Doug Martin in the 5th round and signed rookie RB Alfred Morris to my squad and reaped incredible production from both.

The one sad thing about all this is I often don't own these guys again...they end up costing too much to acquire in subsequent seasons.

So how to you identify value?  You do two things.  First, you study relentlessly.  Know every possible breakout player and track them.  Second, take risks.  Sign them early.  Be willing to drop a known commodity with a low ceiling for the guy that could crap out but could also propel your team to a title.  You may miss on many of your moves (I have) but those you get right make it all worth it.

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