The Importance of Upside in Fantasy Football

There are three goals you should shoot for while assembling and managing your fantasy football team:
  1. Consistency 
  2. Value
  3. Upside
Today we'll cover the last item, upside.  (Here's are the articles about consistency and value.)

Upside is important if your goal in fantasy football is winning it all. What is upside?  Upside means players that could break out and provide your team with prodigious production, propelling it to unparalled success!  (How's that for alliteration?)

Generally, look for upside players in the middle and low ends of your drafts.  If it's already the regular season, strive to identify and grab them off waivers EARLY.  These guys often are little known or deemed risky but have the potential to pile up points (more alliteration) due to a fortunate opportunity such as being the back up RB or playing in a system that is well-suited to them. 

I almost always prefer to have at the bottom of my roster a player or two with upside over well-known but fading vets.  Sure, these fellas may not always pan out, but the chance to get someone outstanding is worth it. The vets likely will give you little to no game-changing production but the upside guys could win a game or several for you.

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