Fantasy Football by Committee: RBBC, QBBC, TEBBC and D/STBBC

The NFL is using the running back by committee (RBBC) approach more and more.  Rather than riding a single runner's legs for an entire season, NFL teams now are splitting the workload among several RBs in order to reduce fatigue and injury.

That's all fine and dandy for the NFL, but for fantasy football owners, the RBBC is a headache.  It makes drafting and choosing starting RBs much more difficult.

Yet, could there be a way to exploit this trend instead?

Yes, there is.

Fantasy owners can flip the situation on its head and use it to their advantage, using the practice even with other positions.  As the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Fantasy RBBC
A fantasy RBBC (FRBBC) is great when trying to navigate waters roiled by injuries and byes or when none of your rostered RBs are pulling their weight.

It takes work, but with an FRBBC you'll evaluate your player's match ups and health and then start the one with the most auspicious prospects.

To employ this strategy, you'll have to carry 3-4 worthwhile RBs.

Fantasy TEBC
If you do not own an elite TE you can employ a fantasy tight end by committee (FTEBC), working along the same lines as described with RBs: choose the TE on your roster or on the waiver wire with the best match up.

However , unlike with RBs, you don't necessarily have to carry 2 TEs to employ this method unless you're in a very large league (14+ teams).  In a smaller league, you likely can take advantage of favorable match ups by signing free agent TEs off the waiver wire.

Either way, you then can start that TE with the favorable match up.  This is a good idea when you do not have a TE that scores consistently.  Since most TEs score only a small handful of points per week,  you'd be maximizing your chances of scoring at least that small amount rather than being shut out entirely at the position.

Fantasy QBBC
You can employ a fantasy quarterback by committee (FQBBC) as well, using the same strategy:  choose the QB on your roster with the best match up.  You'll have to carry at least 2 QBs or sign one off waivers, similar to the tight end strategy above.  Signing off waivers a competent QB gets harder the more teams your league has.

Fantasy D/ST BC
Finally, if you don't have an elite D/ST you can roll with a committee approach.  Sometimes this method is called "streaming" when it comes to D/STs.  You'll likely only carry one D/ST and will sign and drop on weekly basis, targeting the units facing the weakest offenses that week.

If you have a large roster limit or don't mind sacrificing depth at other positions, you can carry two D/STs and rotate them according to which one has the best match up.

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