How to Fix a Bad Fantasy Football Draft

"Oh my goodness!  I just messed up my fantasy football draft!  I did terrible!"

Many of us feel despair immediately after completing our fantasy football draft.  Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's not.  But if it is, what can you do to recover?  How can you fix a bad fantasy football draft?

Here's how:
  1. First, take a step back.  Sleep it over, go out for a walk, anything.  Take a small break.  Then come back and look at your team objectively.  Do some research.  Is your team really that bad?  Or are you just panicing?
  2. If your research shows some truly gaping holes in your fantasy football team, start trying to fix them -- immediately.  Strike while the iron is hot -- not everyone is well versed on the pool of available players.  Take advantage of that.
  3. If your league allows it, start working the waiver wire.  Consider dropping backup QBs, TEs, and D/STs to make room for a flier at RB or WR, for example.
  4. Start approaching other owners for trades, if your league allows it.  You can't have done so badly that you don't have at least one area of strength.  Trade off a surplus WR for an RB, for instance.
So if you think you did a poor job of drafting your fantasy football team, don't sit back and wallow in self-pity.  Implement the steps above and jump start your team's recovery.

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