Which Fantasy Football Positions are Most Crucial?

As you manage your roster throughout the fantasy football season, you should always be looking for ways to improve it.   Here's a breakdown of which positions deserve the most attention:

Running Backs 

Pros: They touch the ball the most frequently of any position. 

Cons: They are the scarcest important position.  They get injured frequently.  Often production is spread among several RBs on the same team.

Strategy: Hoard 'em.  Grab as many with any potential as your roster limits allow.  Your excess RBs will help when you get hi with injuries, go through bye weeks, or want to make a trade to help another position.


Pros: They touch the ball the most aside from the RB, though hand offs don't accumulate points.  Unlike RBs, they get injured infrequently.  They are a high scoring anchor position.  

Cons:  Aside from the top QBs, they can be inconsistent.

Strategy: If you have stud QB, you might be willing to roll the dice and only carry that one QB on your roster so you have an additional spot to use on an RB or WR.  If you don't have the guts or don't have a stud, you need to carry one other QB.  Look for QBs that pass a lot.

Wide Receivers

Pros: They can be high scoring.   They are the easiest major position to fill on your roster. 

Cons:  Like QBs, they can be wildly inconsistent.

Strategy: Fill your roster to its limit for RBs.  Then do the same for WRs.  Look for those on teams that pass a lot. 

Tight Ends

Pros: They can be high scoring in today's game.  

Cons:  Aside from the studs, they can be inconsistent.  Though it's getting easier to find production at this position than it used to be, it's still harder to find TEs than it is WRs and maybe even QBs.

Strategy: Look for a TE with upside.  If you don't have a great one, you can carry an additional one and play matchups.  Or you can carry just one and add/drop throughout the season to take advantage of favorable opponents.

Kickers and Defenses

Pros: They are pretty easy to obtain, especially kickers.  

Cons:  Nearly always inconsistent. Even favorable matchups don't guarantee success.

Strategy: Carry one of each only.  You can sign and drop K's and D's according to matchup.


Obviously some leagues put limits on the number of transactions you can execute or have a waiver budget that you have to monitor.  So use the advice above in concert with your knowledge of your league's rules and the behavior of your fellow owners.

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