Be a Fantasy Football Early Bird to Get the Worm

There's so much information available now about fantasy football. We almost have, to use an economics term, "perfect information." Because so much information is so readily available, owners seeking value are having to make their moves earlier. In competitive leagues, nearly every owner knows, for instance, which QB to target a little later in the draft so you can get production like that of a top QB but at a lower "cost." It's as if you need a players reward card in order to get who you want!

This extends to waivers too. I now have to make moves about 2 weeks ahead of when I think someone will be the player du jour. You need to get potential producers while they're off the radar. Take a waiver claim 1-2 weeks early rather than wait until next week when I know waiver wire articles will start to mention that player and the odds for a bidding war escalate. In fantasy football you must be the early bird to get the worm.

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