5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Fantasy Football Defense

There are few things to keep in mind when selecting a fantasy football defense:
  1. Health of the Defense:  Think twice before selecting a defensive unit missing key players.
  2. Strength of Schedule:  It's advantageous the have favorable games vs. weak offenses -- especially those that are prone to giving up turnovers and sacks.
  3. Weather:  Late in the season, bad weather may assist your defense by making things more difficult for opposing offenses.
  4. Defensive Team's Offensive Prowess:  If your defense plays for a team with an offense that holds the ball and puts together long drives frequently, your D is unlikely to give up as many points, as the opposing offense will have less time of possession, and thus less opportunity to score.  They are also less likely to tire out and give up late game points. On the other hand, less time on the field means less sacks and turnovers forced.
  5. Special Teams:  If your defensive scoring also includes special teams (D/ST) then you will benefit from teams with a strong kick return game.

In addition to keeping the above in mind, you may want to check out this great article at Razz Ball called Getting Defensive: How to Choose or Not Choose a Defense in Fantasy Football. It's definitely worth reading because it explains a statistical analysis you can use to identify fantasy football defenses that score consistently. While geared toward the fantasy draft, the principles the author mentions are effective all season long.

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