Stats, Fantasy Football Kickers, and You

 As I've preached on this blog before, don't neglect a single spot on your fantasy football team's roster. That's why I actually like to follow football kickers. It's true that, on average, the difference between the top fantasy kicker and a low end one is only a couple dozen points over the course of a season.  Still, a kicker can spell the difference between victory and defeat in a close contest.

When looking for a kicker for your fantasy football team, look for one that:
  • Has the potential to kick a lot of FGs.  You want a kicker on a team that kicks lots of FGs -- often this happens on teams with a good offense that struggles to punch the ball into the end zone.
  • Has the potential to kick long FGs.  Many leagues award a bonus to made FGs when they are longer than 40, 50, or 60 yards.  So look for a kicker with a strong leg.
  • Has the potential to make most of their FGs.  You don't want to miss out on points too often.  Worse, some leagues penalize for missed FGs.
I have found a sports stat site which had two useful FG kicking stat pages:

NFL Team Field Goal Attempts per Game

NFL Team Field Goals Made per Game

The stats go back to 2003.  It also provides home/away breakdowns and last 3 game averages.

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