Two Approaches to Fantasy Football Auction Drafting

Auction drafting for fantasy football is growing in popularity.  Many fantasy owners prefer them to conventional drafts because of the strategizing that auction drafts require. From my experience, there are two strategies you can employ during fantasy football league's auction draft:
  1. Pursue Studs.  With this strategy, you bid aggressively for 1-2 studs that can guide your team on a reliable basis every week.  For instance, in 2012 you would go all out for someone like Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.  The advantage of this approach is that you will get a very productive player that can serve your team's linchpin.  The disadvantage is to get one of these players, you will have to use a large part of your auction budget.  These great players tend to go early in the auction, when everyone's coffers are still flush and their enthusiasm high.  You will have to accept having the remainder of your team consisting of good to middling players unless you somehow manage to strike gold on a few sleepers.
  2. Go Balanced.  With this approach, you sit on your money for a while, eschewing studs.  After a while, most owners will have drained accounts -- that is when you strike.  You then gobble up many pretty good players and end up with a solid team from top to bottom.  The bad thing is that your team often isn't spectacular; you probably will lack that one consistent performer that can propel your team to victory weekly.

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