Fantasy Football League Invitation Etiquette

"People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel." -- Dr. Thomas L. Garthwaite, Under Secretary for Health

The weeks leading up to the start of the fantasy football season are chaotic. As commissioner, you’re recruiting owners, sending invites, confirming memberships, processing cancellations, etc.  Occasionally someone will say, “Yes, please add me to your league,” only to fail to accept the official invitation and actually sign up.  How should you handle that situation?

Well, I put the quote at the beginning of this piece for a reason.  Try to handle the situation in a way that preserves the league’s well-being without making anyone feel badly.  It would be a good idea to follow-up on the initial invitation once.  That is fair; it is possible that the initial invitation got buried or overlooked somehow.  If possible, try to follow-up verbally in addition to by email – perhaps the first email was caught by a spam filter.  If that was the case, your follow-up may suffer the same fate.

If the invitee doesn’t respond within a day or two even to your friendly reminder, then for the good of the league you’re free to look for a replacement owner.  You should send a message stating that the invitation expired or was revoked.  This would not only serve as a courtesy, but it could cover your end of things too.  For example, if for some reason the person suddenly resurfaces and wants to join an already full league, you could show that you notified them that the invitation was null and void.  If they gripe, you would have a paper trail, at least at your end.

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