Fantasy Football Starting Lineup Tie Breakers

Sometimes when setting your fantasy football starting lineup, you'll come to a position where you just can't decide who to pencil in.  Here are some tie breakers to consider when you find yourself stuck as to who should get the nod:

  1. Most potential to run
  2. Least turnovers
  3. Yards per completion
  4. Yards per catch of top 3 receivers
  1. Most potential to gain points from passing game
  2. Least turnovers
  3. Yards per carry
  4. Health of offensive line

  1. Number of receptions
  2. Yards per catch
  3. Most potential to get a little rushing yardage (someone like a Percy Harvin)
  4. Who gets the most targets (times thrown to by QB, caught or not)
  5. Least likelihood that QB will throw INTs or fumble
  6. Least lost fumbles

In General

  1. Playing at home
  2. Statistically worst passing defense
  3. statistically worse rushing defense
  4. Weather
  5. Previous performances against team
  6. Health
  7. Playing at altitude (i.e., Denver)

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