3 Bye Week Options for Fantasy Football Kickers

We all have to deal with a bye week for our kicker at some point.  Here are several options for handling the bye week for your fantasy football kicker:

1) Be a Sniper
You can snipe better-performing Ks released because of their byes during the intervening weeks. To do this right, start with a kicker with a late bye week and then eventually replace that kicker with a better one whose bye week already passed.  Then you'll never be confronted by your K's own bye week. 

2) Ride the Carousel
Rotate and and drop your kickers regularly. Get one off waivers based on matchups.  Though matchups are not as reliable a factor with kickers as they are with other positions, some favorable factors to consider for kickers are:
  • Kicking in good weather or indoors.
  • Kicking for teams that kick lots of FGs because they aren't effective at scoring TDs.
  • Play for a team with a good defense.
  • Kicking on turf. 
  • Has a strong leg (some leagues award bonuses for long kicks).
  • He's accurate.
  • Opponent gives up lots of FGs.

3) Never Let Go
Just hang on to your high-octane kicker, bench him at the bye, and sign a temporary replacement.

Just Remember...Great fantasy football owners rarely waste valuable roster space on a second kicker!
Unless the kicker is red hot, don't feel that you cannot drop them and replace them with another K.  It's always better to use roster spots on a position player that's a either a solid backup or a speculative flier than on another kicker.  Even a second defense makes more sense to carry than a second kicker, because you can play matchups with D/STs more reliably than you can with Ks. Think long and hard before deciding to carry multiple Ks. If I do feel I need to carry more than one kicker, I do it only for one week.

If you really do not want to drop your awesome K because of his bye, then look at dropping
  • A backup TE.  Rarely do teams carry two great TEs.  If you do, then trade one to shore up another positions.
  • Your 5th or 6th WR.  WRs are the most fungible position player outside of kickers.
I'd try hard not to dump an RB unless you absolutely must because they are very difficult to replace.  If you are really stuck and just don't want to release your kicker, you could even look to do an imbalanced 2-1 or 3-2 type trade whereby you get a better player and clear up a roster spot for a fill-in kicker.

Remember that kickers are capricious creatures, so don't sweat your kicker too much, but don't totally disregard them, either, because they can have an impact on your fantasy team's fate.

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