2 Alternative Fantasy Football Money League Payouts

Many fantasy football leagues that play for money have a payout like 80% for the league champion winner and 20% for the runner up.  Or they play winner takes all.

I feel that this sort of payout can put a damper on a league's level of enthusiasm and competition.  I prefer leagues that give lots of opportunities to win something.  That way most of the owners are motivated to keep trying hard throughout the season.

Here are two alternative payout systems to consider:

1) Reward the third-place finisher, too  
Have the league's third and fourth seeds teams play in a consolation game to win the third place payout.

I like to use:
  1. 60% to the winner
  2. 30% to second place
  3. 10% to third place
2) Reward not only for playoff performance, but for regular season performance, too. 

Half of the pot is devoted to the regular season:
  1. 20% Division Seed #1 (and bye)
  2. 15% Division Seed #2 (and bye)
  3. 15% Division Seed #3
The other half is for the playoffs:
  1. 10% Round 1 Winners (2 x 5%)
  2. 20% Round 2 Winners (2 x 10%)
  3. 20% league champion

This works well in leagues where the consensus is not to base the majority of the winnings on a single game or just the playoffs, which usually involve a good bit of luck to reach.  This system will really keep owners motivated. By the way, I saw this regular season/playoff payout ida on a fantasy football forum, but the link I pasted along with the details is broken, so I can't attribute this to the writer, other than to at least give them credit here rather than take credit for myself.

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  1. I like this idea. Makes a lot of sense to use half the pot to reward regular season performance. And if your team does well in both you can still get a big chunk.


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