2 Tips for Drafting Your Fantasy Football Kicker

Here are two key fantasy football kicker drafting tips all owners should keep in mind:

1.  Don't Overspend. In an auction draft, spend no more than $1 to $3 on a kicker.  In a snake draft, wait until the last round before selecting a kicker. Spending more or drafting a kicker earlier is risky because kickers are very unpredictable.  A kicker that is highly rated in preseason draft ratings can easily flop; those ranked low can come out of nowhere to excel.  Kickers that were great the last few seasons can suddenly tank.  Why invest a good draft pick or too much of your draft budget on such a fickle position?  Think of the opportunity cost of players you could have drafted in that higher round or if you had more of your draft budget available.

2.  Don't Over-analyze. You can pick almost any kicker who is still available except for those with the largest question marks around them and you'll likely do just fine; usually leagues are anywhere from 8-16 teams while there are 32 NFL teams, so you won't be pressed to consider the worst kickers available because you waited or spent minimally. Why not be more discriminating about your kicker?  Because in the end there's not a whole of difference between the highest scoring kicker and those in the middle tiers.  Take a look at 2009's K scoring stats.  That year’s top kicker was Nate Kaeding, with 146 points. The 12th-ranked kicker was Rian Lindell with 108 points, meaning there was a difference of just 38 points between 1st and 12th place over a full season, which translates to only around two points per game. 

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