How Should I Spend My Fantasy Football Offseason?

For most fantasy leagues, the time after the Super Bowl until about June is downtime. Sure, dynasty leagues will be humming and some hard non-dynasty core leagues might have some sort of activity going on.  But overall, things will be pretty quiet.  Should you take advantage of this time to get a leg up on your competition or should you take some time to unwind and recharge your engines for the upcoming season? 

That depends.There are several ways to spend your fantasy football offseason.  Here are some ideas:

If you're a commissioner, you can use this time to review your league's activity and start seeing if you'd like to change rules, add features, etc.  You can then run these changes by the league and see if they want them implemented.  You can start verifying owners' intentions to play next season and start making a backup list of owners just in case you have holes to fill. 

Non-dynasty owners have several options for their offseasons:
  • Do Nothing: You may just want to sit back and do nothing at all. The benefit of this is your engines can totally recharge and you can head into the next season full of energy and eagerness.  
  • Follow News, Do Nothing Else: You could take a middle route and just follow NFL news so that you're aware of general trends and happenings; the advantage of this is that you can avoid predraft cramming to decide who to draft.  
  • Stay Very Active:  You could remain very active, following not only NFL news but fantasy football websites and publications and online forums. You could already start putty together preliminary draft lists and as soon as they're available, start participating in mock drafts.  You'd definitely have an advantage over other owners because of your knowledge; you might set yourself up for burn out though because you never took a break.
I usually take the middle track -- I like to casually follow NFL news so I am aware of most significant player and coaching moves, etc.  I don't like having to cram before a draft.  However, I don't want to be too active since I put a lot of effort into the season itself, and feel like I need a break from the intense approach I use.

So there you have it -- those are several approaches you can take with your fantasy football offseason.  No matter what you do, enjoy it, and if you're in the hunt for a new league, start putting out your feelers.

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