Should You Avoid Risky Fantasy Football Players?

Should you avoid having risky fantasy football players on your roster?  The answer is no, not completely, but you should avoid relying on too many such players regularly.  It is ok to have one or two players on your roster that are high-risk but that offset their inherent riskiness with potential for giving you high returns. 

Fantasy football teams that rely on many risky players often experience wildly fluctuating production.  They may have one or two weeks when the team explodes and puts up huge numbers, but often then will experience times where the team has very low production. To avoid this, you do not want too many players that teams rely on sporadically, like WR James Jones of the Packers, or headcases like the Lions' Ndamukong Suh, whose explosive temper could get him suspended at any time (he really needs to visit an online Canadian pharmacy and get some medication to control his anger and anxiety).

Additionally, avoid relying on too many players that are injury prone -- even stars -- or at least mitigate the impact of their unavailability due to injury by bolstering your team depth in that position.  For example, if you opted to draft WR Andre Johnson of Houston, you should try to have quality depth behind him on your roster since Andre tends to get hurt and miss multiple weeks when he does.

So, yes, it's ok to have one or two risky players on your roster.  You want the type of risky players that you can occasionally plug into your lineup when the odds for a good day are favorable.  Also, limit your risk by limiting your reliance on such players and by having good depth in the positions where you have such players.

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