2 Obligations for the Out of Contention Fantasy Football Owner

By late in the fantasy football season, many leagues start to quiet down.  This is party because of league deadlines for waiver transactions and trades, but also partly due to owners that have lost interest in running their teams.

There are a few things commissioners can do to keep owners interested and engaged.  However, it is also incumbent on an owner to do a few things even late in the season and when out of contention:

  1. Owners still must refrain from cheating.  No matter how you feel, throwing games for other teams or making collusive trades or waiver transactions (i.e., waiving a player so another team can sign them) is wrong.
  2. Owners must still manage their teams, even in redraft leagues.  Obviously owners in keeper and dynasty leagues have a stake in managing their out-of-contention teams because they have an eye on next year.  However, even redraft owners that are on the outside looking in have an obligation to at least set a starting lineup devoid of injured or bye-week players.  This is to maintain the integrity of the league and also just part of being a good owner -- just think how you'd feel if another owner didn't set his lineup and automatically handed a win to your competitor.

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