In Fantasy Football, It's Never Over 'Til It's Over

Just like like the St. Louis Cardinals' triumph over the Texas Rangers in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series showed, a contest isn't over until it's over.   Never quit until you are mathematically eliminated.  Also, never think you've got a contest or a season in the bag.  I've seen huge leads evaporate. I've seen official NFL stat changes a couple days after the week's slate of games change the outcomes of fantasy football contests (remember Kurt Warner's reversed TD pass a couple seasons back?)  I've personally experienced the following:
  • Having my 9-4 team defeat the 12-1 team for the league title.
  • Going undefeated all season, sweeping a division rival twice, only to see my team collapse in the playoffs vs. that rival.
  • Taking a team that only had 2 wins and leading it to a division title with 6 straight wins to close the regular season.
  • Recovering from a couple of missed/botched fantasy football drafts.  
  • Losing a game where I led all weekend due to the results of an Monday Night Football game that went into OT.
As you can see, fantasy football is unpredictable.  That's is what makes it not only fun but also challenging and often frustrating.

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