4 Ways to Fight Mid-Fantasy Football Season Doldrums

If you're the commish of a fantasy football league that is starting to suffer from owners losing interest, here are some things to consider implementing (if not mid-season, at least next year):
  1. Loser's Playoff Bracket -- Consider implementing a loser's bracket (aka, consolation bracket or toilet bowl).  Have that bracket actually play for more than pride -- maybe a draft pick, a trophy, or small monetary prize.
  2. In-season elimination game -- Entice the owners to keep coming to the league by picking NFL game winners elimination-style.  Again, dangle a prize for the winner.
  3. Bonuses for highest scorer, etc. -- Award bonuses for the highest scorer for the weak,  largest margin of victory,  etc.
  4. Make league private and for money -- Public leagues suffer greatly from absenteeism.  Make your league private and recruit responsible, enthusiastic owners.  Give them something to play for by making the league play for dinero rather than just for pride.  Even just $20 per owner at 12 owners creates a good-sized pot that can either go winner-takes-all or 60-30-10.

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