What are Daily Fantasy Football Leagues?

A growing trend in fantasy football is the daily fantasy football league (sometimes called a salary cap league), the little brother to traditional season-long fantasy football leagues.  You can join a daily fantasy football league at places such as Snapdraft.com or Fantasy Sports Live.com.  Unlike traditional fantasy football leagues, where you draft a team and then keep much of that same roster for the entire season (or even longer in keeper and dynasty leagues),  in daily leagues you keep that roster only for the day or week you are playing.  For instance, if you play in a daily league for week 7, you would assemble a team that is valid only for week 7.

Daily leagues are a nice complement (or perhaps an alternative) to traditional leagues.  They allow the participant to employ different strategies and own players they wouldn't otherwise.  Additionally, often there is a chance to win some money.

If you are interested in learning more about how to play in a daily fantasy football league, you should check out this article at RotoGrinders.com on how to operate under a salary cap in such a league. RotoGrinders.com (with which I am not affiliated) is a good source for learning how to play in daily leagues and which sites to consider using.


  1. the little sister to traditional season-long dream baseball teams.

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing with us. in daily leagues you keep that roster only for the day or week you are playing.daily fantasy sports.


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