Use NFL Sunday Ticket Player Tracker to Keep Your Fantasy Team's Edge All Season Long

With the NFL and fantasy football season finally preparing to kick off, it’s about time to head to and upgrade your cable package to include Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. With this sort of expanded television package, you will be able to enjoy the coming season more thoroughly than any before it. Unlike your basic cable package, which may offer you a good number of games each Sunday but certainly doesn’t show you all of the action, Sunday NFL Ticket provides you with access to more games, as well as specific features such as NFL Redzone (which alerts you when teams are close to scoring, even in games you aren’t watching).

Successful fantasy football owners are passionate about their football teams and need to know as much as possible about their players to manage their rosters well. For this reason, you may not need much convincing to upgrade your television package. However, if you are unsure about your decision, keep this in mind: NFL SUNDAY TICKET Player Tracker follows up to 18 of your favorite players with live stat updates! And these real-life NFL storylines that should make the 2011-2012 season one to remember:

Packers’ Quest To Repeat
The Green Bay Packers made a bold statement by refusing to make big moves or acquisitions during the offseason. This is the equivalent of their telling the league that they have what it takes to repeat; it is up to everyone else to prove them wrong.

Peyton Manning’s Health
Peyton Manning’s impressive streak of starts is in jeopardy, as his recent neck surgery is making him questionable in the season’s early going. Streak aside, the Colts are a different (and vastly inferior) football team without Manning throwing passes, and their run of success could be in serious danger should he be kept off the field very long.

The Eagles’ “Dream Team”
The Eagles made a splash by acquiring several pro bowl-caliber players during the abbreviated offseason, and some have gone as far as calling them “the NFL’s Miami Heat.” However, as demonstrated by the Heat themselves, rosters on paper do not win championships. It will be fascinating to see if the Eagles can deliver.

Tom Brady & Chad Ochocinco
Chad Ochocinco will become the latest talented receiver to be paired with Tom Brady. Nobody denies Ochocinco’s talent, but his focus has been questioned at times, and if anyone can snap him into a competitive drive, it should be Tom Brady and the New England coaching staff. If Ochocinco buys in, they could have a very productive season together.

Plaxico Burress
Recently released from jail, Plaxico Burress will attempt to regain his form as one of the league’s top receivers. Interestingly enough, he will be doing so with the Jets, just across New York City from his former team, the Giants.

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