It's Only Week 2 of the Fantasy Football 2011 Season and Already the Injuries Are Mounting

Week 2 of the 2011 fantasy football season is in the books and so are a lot of injuries, some of which are major (e.g., Jamaal Charles, RB Kansas City, is out for the season with a torn ACL).

This serves to pound home how important it is to have depth on your team, especially at RB, WR, and QB, so you can weather injuries and the dreaded bye weeks.  You need to not only draft wisely but constantly re-evaluate your team and scour the waiver wire for improvements at every spot.  RBs drop like flies; make sure you have as many as your league's rules allow and make sure that you constantly are reviewing them to see if they are still worth a spot on your roster.  Be especially quick to nab promising RBs, as they are difficult to come by (as are QBs, though those aren't rostered or started in the same numbers as RBs).  WRs are easier to come by throughout the year, but you should still be diligent about reviewing your current corps and looking for up-and-comers.

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