The Cam Newton Conundrum

Fantasy football success often hinges on making bold moves.  One bold move during the 2011 fantasy football campaign could be adding Carolina rookie QB Cam Newton to your roster.  Netwton was panned by most experts during the preseason as being unable to hit his WRs in stride and as being more of a mobile QB than a classic pocket passer.  However, Cam had a monster regular season rookie debut, passing for over 400 yards and a couple of TDs.  Should you add him to your roster?  Depends on your QB picture.  I don't see him as #1 but to be honest I didn't see Michael Vick as a #1 last year either.  I would say sign him if you are so concerned about your #2 QB that you you are willing to roll the dice on Newton or if you can open a spot on your roster by dumping a #2 TE, #2 K, or # D/ST.

As a quick refresher on roster usage, you definitely shouldn't be carrying two kickers; carrying more than one is only justified in leagues that allow large rosters or on a temporary basis if you have an outstanding kicker that is on bye or hurt for a just a week or two.  Two TE's are usually superfluous because that extra spot can be used to roster RBs or WRs, which are often more valuable if for nothing else because starting lineups usually include at least 2-3 of each.  A second D/ST is ok if you are committed to playing matchups, but you can often accomplish this by playing the waiver wire; early in the season it's rarely beneficial to carry two defenses on your roster, especially once the bye weeks kick in. A second D/ST is ok if yours is outstanding but on bye or if you see yourself in the playoffs and are past the byes.

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