2011 Fantasy Football Preseason Thoughts

The NFL lockout is officially over.  Now fantasy football owners can start to think about the 2011 season.
Here are a few things to keep in mind this preseason:

  • Numerous players have moved to new teams.  That means they are likely in different systems.  Are they a good fit?  Don’t automatically draft a player based on name and past performance if they’ve moved to a new environment.  Now you need to consider their new scheme, coaches, units, schedules, and even home stadium. 
  •  Staying on the topic of player movement …there has been a ton of activity since the players and owners came to terms and it’s not done yet.  Make sure you keep track of player movement.  There are many good player movement trackers at sites such as ESPN and Rotoworld.  Make sure you use them.  I don’t think relying on magazines is a good idea unless they publish late and near your draft. 
  • Speaking of your draft, I’d hold it as late as you can this year.  First, this will allow player movement to finish or nearly so.  Second, you can see how players perform on their new teams (yes, it’s preseason, so you’ll have to take it with a grain of salt, but teams will be trying to work these players into rotations so you will have at least a glimpse of their potential).  Lastly, off-season training and conditioning was disrupted by the lockout, so I think you might see more injuries this preseason than usual, even with teams easing back players.  Drafting late will allow you to avoid any players that were seriously injured during preseason.

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