Fantasy Football Keeper League Tips

If you play in a keeper league or are thinking of doing so, you'll appreciate Bob Lane's article Keeper Fantasy Leagues: Formats and Strategies.  Lane does a nice job of briefly explaining types of keeper leagues -- even the ever more popular dynasty league spin-offs -- and strategies for being successful while playing in a keeper league.  This is a very useful resource for keeper league owners.

Know Your Fantasy Football League's Rules Prior to Drafting

It's imperative that you review your fantasy football league's rule prior to drafting.  The value of your players depends on the rules.  For instance, in some leagues, a touchdown pass for by a QB is worth 4 points; in others 6 points.  Some leagues penalize for interceptions, while others don't.  Some leagues even penalize for sacks! In leagues that penalize for miscues, you'll want to avoid mistake-prone QBs where possible.

QBs aren't the only positions with great variability in rules.  WRs and RBs can play in leagues that award points per reception (PPR), and in leagues that don't.  In PPR leagues, possession WRs see a huge bump in value, as do RBs that catch passes out of the backfield. 

Some leagues award points for kick and punt return yardage.  This brings relevancy to WRs and RBs that otherwise would be pointless to own.

Even kickers can be affected by rule variations.  Some leagues penalize for missed FGs and PATs; others award large bonuses for long FGs made.  This means you'd want to aim for accurate or strong-legged kickers.

So you can clearly see, it pays mightily to know your league's rules prior to drafting.

Rotoworld Releases 2010 Projected Carries for NFC Running Backs

Last week I directed you all to Rotoworld's invaluable 2010 AFC running back projected carries article.  Now I am urging you to check out Chris Wesseling's follow-up piece on Rotoworld, which projects carries for NFC RBs in 2010, along with some terrific narrative.  This is a must-see for fantasy owners seeking a leg up on the competition!

How to Draft Fantasy Football IDP using ADP

For those of you who'll be drafting in an IDP league, here is a great article called IDP vs. ADP -- Where to Draft Your Individual Defensive Players by Rustyn Rose at Fantasy Knuckleheads.  The tips proffered by Rustyn will go a long way to building an effective IDP draft strategy.

How to Name Your Fantasy Football Team

Struggling to name your fantasy football team?  There a lot of ways to come up with a good name for your fantasy football team.  Here are some things to try:
  • Suggestion websites
  • Team name generator web sites
  • Names of songs
  • Phrases
  • A play on your name
  • Names of movies
  • Quotes
  • Mash ups of phrases
  • Commercial jingles
  • Football terms
If you want some more fantasy football team naming advice, check out Bill Parson's humorous How to Name Your Fantasy Football Team.

Thinking of Changing Your Fantasy Football Draft to an Auction Format?

Snake drafts have long dominated the fantasy football landscape.  Snake drafts mirror real-life pro sports drafts with one exception: instead of the same first-last order every round, a snake draft gives the last team to draft in a round the first pick in the next round, and then the draft order continues in reverse order from that of the prior round.  Then the next round reverses that pattern.

Rotoworld Serves Up 2010 AFC RB Projected Carries

Chris Wesseling of Rotoworld has given us fantasy football owners some valuable "insider information" by projecting running back carries for all teams in the AFC.  (NFC projected carries comes out next week.)  I like that Wesseling backs up his rationale for the projections.  For the most part, I think they're pretty realistic; the only one that jumped out at me as being perhaps too optimistic is the projected carries for Darren McFadden. Wesseling projects McFadden to have a "breakout" season and have 170 carries to Michael Bush's 190.  While I do think the Raiders are not a fantasy football must-avoid this year, I just have a lot of circumspection about McFadden, having suffered through his injury-plaguedness in the past.

Rotoworld's 2010 PPR Mock Draft Analysis

Here's a great PPR mock draft analysis courtesy of Rotoworld's Evan Silva.  Pay close heed to valuable insight such as this as draft time looms near.

RBs Pierre Thomas, Arian Foster See Stock Rising for Fantasy Football 2010

It's always a good idea to hold your fantasy football draft as close to the season opener as possible because of roster movement and injury.  The last week alone is a case in point.

Justin Forsett - 2010 Fantasy Football Fool's Gold?

Justin Forsett, running back for the Seattle Seahawks, turned quite a few heads last season with some stellar performances.  I had been following him actually even before last year, because I had Matt Hasselbeck on one of my teams and was following local Seattle fan chatter to track Matt's health.  During the course of my monitoring, I learned of Forsett and even saw the Seattle fans throw up their arms when the 'hawks cut him and the Colts signed him.  The Colts later released him and he ended up back in Seattle, where he turned heads last year a few times.

As I emphasize all the time, though, don't be unreasonably swayed by past performance.  Always evaluate the current situation a player is in -- much like you would for a stock.  Forsett's upside this year is limited, according to Rotoworld's Chris Wesseling.

Fantasy Football RB Handcuffs for 2010

Now here's a very valuable article from Rotoworld's Chris Wesseling.  It not only lists all the handcuffs for primary running backs for the 2010 fantasy football season, but it even places them in tiers, so you'll know which handcuffs to aim for first.  Like I said, very valuable.

Caution! Fantasy Football Players You Should Think Twice About Before Drafting in 2010

Every year, some fantasy football owner drafts someone based on past heroics. Things can change drastically from one season to the next, so it is imperative to do your homework prior to each and every draft.

2010 Fantasy Football Players That Could Pleasantly Surprise

Here are some players that could be pleasantly surprising in 2010.  Always do further research; your draft is just that, YOURS.  Make the decision yourself.  I am just pointing out some "stocks" that warrant further examination.

The History of Fantasy Football

Here is an interesting article explaining how fantasy football came to be; this is a quick must-read for the historians among you.

How to Draft in a Fantasy Football IDP League

I played in my first IDP league last year -- a league of fantasy football writers no less -- and won the championship.  Man, I must say IDP ratchets up the intensity several levels.  It's great fun but definitely not for everyone.  I think IDP is for those who are fantasy football junkies.  For those of you playing in an IDP league for the first time, you should definitely check out Jim McCormick's The Other Side of the Ball: Drafting IDPs at ESPN.  This is a very good piece that clearly and succinctly educates you on how to draft in an IDP league.  (This elective is good for 3 credits toward your Fantasy Football MBA.)

How to Start a Fantasy Football League

Thinking of starting a fantasy football league? You'll find an excellent guide to on how to set up a fantasy football league at The article does a great job of discussing all the things you will need to address, including format, rules, recruiting, etc. Helps Collect Your Fantasy Football League Dues

Recently launched is a site that fantasy football league commissioners can use to collect league dues. Sign up is free; there are two pricing plans for fee collection
  1. Bank account only is 50 cents per transaction
  2. Bank account or credit card is 3.5% per transaction.

Keepin' Up with the Times: Is it Time to Change Your Fantasy Football League's Rules?

Bill Simmons' funny ESPN piece  Throwing Rocks in Fantasy Football Pool points out some of today's trends that didn't exist just 10 years ago and how the game of fantasy football hasn't changed much at all in response.  He also served up a few ways to shake up fantasy football. 

I feel Simmons made some good points.  (By the way, I beat Bill to the punch when I wrote one of FFMBA's first articles, Alternative Fantasy Football League Standings System, a year ago.  You'll definitely want to check out that masterpiece -- mine, not Bill's.)   I do think that the pastime of fantasy football hasn't kept up with changes or evolved as much it probably should have during the last few years.  I have several areas of concern.

Undervalued QBs for 2010 Fantasy Football

This is the sixth and final segment of my series evaluating overvalued and undervalued RBs, WRs, and QBs for the 2010 fantasy football season.

KFFL has listed the following as undervalued QBs for 2010:

Overvalued QBs for Fantasy Football 2010

This is the penultimate piece of my six part series reviewing KFFL's overvalued and undervalued players for 2010.

KFFL lists as these QBs as overvalued: