Use Vegas Betting Line When Setting Fantasy Football Lineup

Sometimes it's tough to set your fantasy football team's starting lineup; either you have many unappealing options or you have too many promising one.  I've previously provided a checklist of factors to weigh when selecting your starters.  When selecting your weekly fantasy football starting lineup, another thing you can consider is the Vegas betting line for the week.

A good source for the latest lines is  For instance, I am writing this prior to Week 10 of the 2010 season and on that site I see that the over/under for Tampa Bay/Carolina matchup is a mere 36.5 points; the experts in Vegas don't expect much scoring in this game.  So your offensive players in this game might not be very prolific but the defenses in this game might be a good roll of the dice.  On the other hand, the over/under for the Jacksonville/Houston tilt is a whopping 50.  Vegas is of the mind that this particular matchup is likely to feature a great deal of scoring.  So in this case, you'd want to beware of defenses in this game but the offensive players are worth considering.

Remember, the experts in Vegas are not soothsayers but they know their stuff and their educated guesses are definitely good enough to take into consideration if you're having a hard time eliminating a player from starting lineup consideration.  By the way, ff you want to learn more about how the over/under for football works, check out

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