The Importance of WR Targets to Fantasy Football Success

Targets.  When reading about fantasy football, you may have come across that term but you might not have known what it means.  Targets are the number of times a quarterback threw to a wide receiver, tight end, or running back.  Whether the pass was completed is irrelevant; targets measure only the number of times the quarterback intended to get the ball to another player via the pass.

So now that targets is defined, why should you care about them?  Because they are a measure of opportunity!  The more times a quarterback throws to a player, the more chances that player will have to produce stats.  If a player tends to only get 3-4 targets a game, they'll have a hard time consistently putting up the kind of stats that a player getting 10+ targets does.

Now that you understand targets, make sure that you look at them for each RB, WR, and TE on your team.  Make sure that their target levels are high or increasing, rather than are low or decreasing.  A great site for getting target information is, which has sortable season, weekly, and multiple-week target stats.  You can get even more granular by looking at sites such as, which will show you how many times a player was targeted in the red zone -- the part of the field extending in from the 20 yard line of the opposition through their end zone, which is important because that will give you an indication of how many opportunities a player is getting to make a reception for a touchdown.

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