Risky Fantasy Football Starters: Week 7, 2010

I don't know your opponent, league's rules, or team's roster, so I can't tell you precisely who to start and who to sit.  However, I can tell you who some of the riskiest major players are for week 5, which is a bye week.  Remember that if you suspect you'll have a hard time matching your opponent's firepower, you may have to swing for the fences and use a risky player.  Also, I know you may have no choice but to use one of the risky players listed below given the thinned pool of available players because of the bye.  Here are who I consider to be the riskiest major player start for Week 7, 2010:

  • Beanie Weels, RB, AZ - Facing the Seahawks in Seattle, who've yet to allow a 100-yard rusher or give up a rushing TD at home.  Plus, though he played well in his debut, Max Hall is a rookie QB facing a good defense on the road, which won't help the AZ offense.
  • Titans QBs - Whether it's Vince Young playing on a bad knee or rusty Kerry Collins under center for the Titans, they'll be facing an Eagles D that has snagged 9 INTs and registered 18 sacks this season.
  • Donovan McNabb, QB, WA - On the road vs. Da Bears, without his top target, TE Chris Cooley, and he's yet to throw for more than a single TD in any game.  The Bears D hasn't allowed multiple TD passes all year.

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