Risky Fantasy Football Starters: Week 6, 2010

I don't know your opponent, league's rules, or team's roster, so I can't tell you precisely who to start and who to sit.  However, I can tell you who some of the riskiest major players are for week 5, which is a bye week.  Remember that if you suspect you'll have a hard time matching your opponent's firepower, you may have to swing for the fences and use a risky player.  Also, I know you may have no choice but to use one of the risky players listed below given the thinned pool of available players because of the bye.  Here are who I consider to be the riskiest major player starts for Week 6, 2010:

  • Jamaal Charles, RB, KC - Charles is contending for touches with with fellow RB Thomas Jones while playing for an anemic offense.  KC faces Houston this week, which features a strong D against the run.
  • Dallas RBs - Dallas faces the formidable Viking Williams Wall, which means the running game will have some difficulty getting on track.  MBIII starts, Felix Jones should get increased touches like last week, but overall the split is still scary until we see Felix consistently get more carries for 2-3 games straight.  The match up, likely reliance on the passing game, and RBBC make it risky to start any Dallas RB except maybe as a flex.
  • Colt McCoy, QB, CLE - If this wasn't a bye week, I wouldn't even mention this guy, but if you're in a deep league and are hurting for a QB because of the bye week or because of injury, you'll want to look elsewhere for a fill-in.  Rookie QB + Steelers D = Recipe for disaster.  
  • Kevin Kolb, QB; DeSean Jackson, WR; Jeremy Maclin, WR, PHI - The Eagles will be minus their starting LT while facing a strong pass rush lead by Falcon RE John Abraham.  Look for Kolb to lack the time to get downfield to Jackson and Maclin and instead for him to rely on RB LeSean McCoy and TE Brent Celek to catch a lot of short, underneath stuff
  • Peyton Hillis, RB, CLE -- Hillis has been terrific to date, but he has three things working against him this week: 1) a rookie QB starting, 2) running against a formidable Steeler D, and 3) a lingering thigh injury.  Since he's all the Browns have, I think you might still see something like 30-40 yards on the ground and maybe 1-2 catches for around 20 yards altogether, so he could be a decent flex, but unless Cleveland somehow lucks out with a Steeler turnover in the red zone, I don't think he'll have many opportunities for a short TD and probably little chance to break a long one for a TD.
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