Risky Fantasy Football Starters: Week 4, 2010

I don't know your opponent, league's rules, or team's roster, so I can't tell you precisely who to start and who to sit.  However, I can tell you who some of the riskiest major players are for week 4, the first of the bye weeks.  Remember that if you suspect you'll have a hard time matching your opponent's firepower, you may have to swing for the fences and use a risky player.  Also, I know you may have no choice but to use one of the risky players listed below given the thinned pool of available players because of the bye.  Here are who I consider to be the riskiest major player starts for Week 4, 2010:
  • Andre Johnson, WR, HOU - Battling a high ankle sprain and lined up opposite Raiders' shut down corner Nnamdi Asomugha if he does play.  Start him at your own risk; he might not play, or if he plays, could leave early, and even if he does play the entire game, between Asomugha and his ankle, is likely to post low numbers.
  • Denver WRs: Gaffney, Lloyd, Royal, Thomas -  Any of those guys could be the go-to guy for Kyle Orton. Let's see if Gaffney can string together 2 straight dominant weeks before using him; I'd sit him unless in a 3-WR league or if really impacted by the bye week.
  • DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, RBs, CAR - With rookie QB Jimmy Clausen under center, opposing defenses don't have to respect the Carolina passing game, which consists of mainly short dumps, so they jam the line, daring Carolina to run.  Also, DeAngelo doesn't have a goal-line carry yet this year.
  • Jahvid Best, RB, DET - He's battling turf toe.  There's a chance he plays, but even if he does how effective can he really be? Also, there's a chance he won't finish the game even if he does start. Remember Darren McFadden and LaDanian Tomlinson's bouts with turf toe?
  • Ray Rice, RB, BAL - Bruised knee and facing the Steelers, who boast the NFL's stingiest D.
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