Week 1, 2010 Vikings vs. Saints Fantasy Football Starting Lineup Risk Analysis

The NFL kicks off its 2010 regular season this Thursday, Sept. 9, with a rematch of last season's NFC title game: Vikings vs. Saints.

Here's the risk analysis for selected players in the game:

Adrian Peterson - Risk: Low
Though the Saints were a solid defensive unit last year, they were susceptible to the run.  This year, the Saints D is a bit banged up in spots and untested in others.  Peterson should get a lot of touches since Favre is still mending and the Viking WR corps is missing Sidney Rice (replaced by Greg Camarillo).

Brett Favre - Risk: Moderate
As mentioned, Favre's ankle is still mending and he'll be without Rice, with whom he had built a solid rapport.

Viking WRs - Risk: High
Let's wait and see how Favre uses them before relying on them too much.  Percy Harvin will be less of a risk in leagues that reward for return yardage.

Drew Brees - Risk: Low
Brees should be slingin' as usual and the Vikes pass D is not considered the unit's strength.

Marques Colston - Risk: Moderate
Colston should be rarin' to go; the only thing to worry about here is how the Saints spread the ball.  However, I think that New Orleans will rely on the passing game and that Colston will get his.

Pierre Thomas - Risk: High
Not so high a risk that you worry about sitting him if you have nothing else, but high enough a risk to sit if you have better alternatives.  So why is he a high risk?  The Vikes run D is traditionally strong.  Moreover, though Mike Bell moved on to Philly, we still don't know how Thomas's usage will pan out . Will DeShawn Wynn steal goal-line carries as Sean Payton tries to keep Thomas healthy?  Will Reggie Bush carry the ball more often since he looked good late last year and Payton usually tries to keep Thomas' carries from soaring?

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