6 Tips for Beating Other Owners to Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Gems

Does it seem that other owners always seem to beat you to the best players on your fantasy football league's waiver wire?  Then check out the suggestions below:

1. Listen to the hype
This is just to identify who could be worth grabbing.

2. Come to this blog, visit fantasy football forums, and visit the team's local news sites for insights
Here you will get great analysis and debate that will validate or negate the hype.  Local sites and boards are helpful for this too.  I found Forsett before anyone else by going on the Seattle boards to get news on Hass.

3. Look at stats
As mentioned, see if carries, targets, etc. are on the upswing for the WW guy and if anyone in front of them is experiencing a downtick in the same categories.

4. Watch for injuries
This is almost always what opens the door.  Especially watch when the player blocking your guy is older or injury-prone.

5. Look for upside
You may have a guy or two on the end of your bench that are ok but don't have much upside.  Consider dumping them for someone with upside.

6. Pull the trigger EARLY
If you wait for the guy to prove his worth, then you will either get in a bidding war or lose him on waivers unless you have the #1 position.  If your team is doing well, jumping on early is crucial.

Through the years I've gotten everyone from Rueben Droughns to Marques Colston & Greg Jennings in the same year when decimated at WR to Arian Foster (last year) this way.  There's been a few Ryan Torrains along the way, but for the most part I beat other owners to the punch.

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