How Much Should I Bid in Blind Bid Waivers for Brandon Jackson?

As you have probably heard, RB Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers is out for the season.  His backup and 3rd down back Brandon Jackson is now the starter in GB. Bid the farm, right?  His coach did say that he's very comfortable with Jackson playing all three downs.  However, though it appears that Jackson may have finally turned the corner this preseason, remember he had disappointed the coaching staff in GB for the last two years.

Also remember that we've only played a single week -- there are probably 12 weeks left in your league, give or take, and that's just counting the regular season.  If you bid all or most of your waivers budget on Jackson, you'll handcuff yourself for the bulk of the season, leaving little margin of error for dealing with other injuries (they will happen) or bad matchups, etc.

Remember during auction drafts you try to get your fellow owners to spend their budgets too quickly so you can load up on players at value while they sit and watch.  Well of course the draft is a little different than waivers, since waiver gems don't come along every day, but you still should consider the benefits of letting someone else bid the farm on Jackson.  Let another owner leave themselves in a precarious position for the remainder of the 2010 season, while you have full coffers and can pounce on impact players throughout the season.

I say, depending on your RB needs, make a good bid of up to 30% of your budget, but try to leave as much of your budget untouched as you can.  If you don't get Jackson, at least you'll have purchasing power for later; Jackson won't be the last "must-get" waiver wire player.  Plus, nothing says that GB won't pick up another RB or that Jackson himself won't get hurt.

You can bid much more cheaply right now for RBs Peyton Hillis of Cleveland or Fred Taylor of the Patriots.  Of course, Taylor is old and on a pass-first team and Hillis is in a platoon on a mediocre offense.  But they both can add depth to your team and be had for chump change.

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