How to Identify Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

If you're like me, just reading fantasy football "start/sit" articles and "waiver wire pickup" articles don't suffice. I like to really analyze my current roster, my starting lineup, and players I am keeping an eye on.  I don't rely strictly on statistics, but I do find them to be very useful in giving me a leg up on other owners.

This gave me an idea to start trying to find out which statistics were very useful.  Of course, QB pass attempts,  WR targets, and RB carries and yards per carry were very important.  But Christopher Harris of ESPN points out in his Football Statistics that help determine fantasy football sleepers and busts: What's YACo Got to do with it? several other more esoteric statistical barometers that could help give you an edge over other owners when trying to identify players to keep or pursue and those to dump or leave alone.  I highly recommend this read.

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