Undervalued QBs for 2010 Fantasy Football

This is the sixth and final segment of my series evaluating overvalued and undervalued RBs, WRs, and QBs for the 2010 fantasy football season.

KFFL has listed the following as undervalued QBs for 2010:

Donovan McNabb (Redskins) - McNabb will be playing in his first season for the 'skins.  He has two very good pass catching TEs in Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, a streaky but possibly still capable WR in Santana Moss, and two nother WRs that show potential, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly.  Coach Mike Shanahan also brought in Larry Johnson and Willie Parker to help shoulder the load with Clinton Portis.  I think that the Redskins will have enough weapons for McNabb to be a solid #2 QB on your roster that could fill in ably in bye weeks, for injury, or even if your #1 has a horrible matchup.
David Garrard (Jaguars) - Garrard is always steady and rarely flashy.  He has a very good receiver in Mike Sims-Walker, but not much else.  I have used Garrard as a #2 and the good thing is he rarely completely flops, but he rarely excels.  In standard scoring leagues, he's usually good for 10 points no matter what but 20 points is something he'll approach infrequently.  He's an ok #2 because he won't lose games for you by laying a goose egg, but I'd prefer McNabb or even Jason Campbell of the Raiders if I feel like I want someone who has more upside.

Matt Hasselbeck (Seahawks) - Matt won me a championship several years back.  That aside, I just don't trust him even as a #2.  He's been injury plagued the last couple of seasons and he doesn't have many weapons, although rookie WR Golden Tate is garnering much hype. I'd only grab Hass as a desperation #2 at this point.

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The KFFL article can be found here.

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