Thinking of Changing Your Fantasy Football Draft to an Auction Format?

Snake drafts have long dominated the fantasy football landscape.  Snake drafts mirror real-life pro sports drafts with one exception: instead of the same first-last order every round, a snake draft gives the last team to draft in a round the first pick in the next round, and then the draft order continues in reverse order from that of the prior round.  Then the next round reverses that pattern.

The snake format has a few drawbacks, such as heavy advantages going to those drafting at either end of the draft, and the fact that owners beyond the first few picks of the first round never have a shot to get certain premier players.  That's where auction drafts come in; auctions are challenging because they require a whole new set of tactics and, more importantly, they provide every owner an equal shot at every player.  The auction's drawback?  They can take a long time to conduct. However, that can be mitigated by using a hybrid draft that starts as an auction and then, after say the first 6 roster spots on each time fill, transition to a snake for the rest of the draft.  Or the auction draft's late rounds can be lightning rounds where the time to make a pick is drasticially reduced.

Here's a great article by NFLFunk that explains why you might want to ditch the snake for an auction draft format.

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