RBs Pierre Thomas, Arian Foster See Stock Rising for Fantasy Football 2010

It's always a good idea to hold your fantasy football draft as close to the season opener as possible because of roster movement and injury.  The last week alone is a case in point.

In New Orleans, reserve RB Lynell Hamilton blew out his ACL on August 11.  While it was unlikely he'd steal as much as action from starter Pierre Thomas as Mike Bell (now with the Eagles) did, Hamilton always posed a bit of a vulture threat because Saints coach Sean Payton tries to shave carries off Thomas' load to stave off injury.  Now, however, with Hamilton's injury, the only other RB of any real threat to Thomas is Reggie Bush, but we've all seen that he's more of a hybrid back than pure RB.  This means Thomas should get plenty of carries, which means his stock has risen.  Keep an eye out though for the Saints obtaining another RB; already there's talk of them getting Willis McGahee in exchange for a DB.

Meanwhile, the Texans might have lost rookie RB Ben Tate for the season last night, August 14, with a broken ankle.  Keep an eye on this situation.  Steve Slaton, who two years ago seemed like a rising star but plummeted back to earth last year with fumble and injury issues, is fumbling again -- he fumbled at the goal line last night.  Arian Foster, however, looks like he's continuing his torrid pace from last year.  He rattled off a 21 yard gain on his first carry of the game last night.

So keep an eye on Thomas and Foster.  While both play on pass-first offenses, both offenses are good and each back seems to be corralling more carries and TD scoring opportunities.

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