Overvalued QBs for Fantasy Football 2010

This is the penultimate piece of my six part series reviewing KFFL's overvalued and undervalued players for 2010.

KFFL lists as these QBs as overvalued:

Aaron Rodgers (Packers) - The KFFL piece states that their primary reason for calling one of the top QBs for fantasy football the last couple of seasons is that you'll likely have to use a first round pick on Rodgers to snag him this year.  I agree -- he'll probably be a top 3 QB again this year but to get him you're going to have to use your first round pick in a conventional draft (unless drafting in a very savvy and self-disciplined shark league) or pony up a lot of dough in an auction draft. Doing so will leave you in a precarious position for filling your RB and WR slots.  I think highly of Rodgers; he won me a title last year. However, you can't win fantasy football with a thin RB corps.  I am not saying go RB-RB to start the draft, but I highly recommend RB-WR, WR-RB, or RB-QB rather than QB-RB or, gasp, QB-WR.

Jay Cutler (Bears) - I think again KFFL is spot on here.  Cutler should pass a lot, but expect lots of INTs, which most leagues penalize.  Late season games at Soldier Field aren't friendly to the passing game, either.  Don't overpay for Cutler.

Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) - I am not sure he's being massively overvalued this year because of his suspension. I wouldn't draft him at all this year because he's missing six games and then will have to shake off the rust.  He'd only be a good late season pick up if one of your QBs go down.  Skip Big Ben entirely in this year's draft.

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