Know Your Fantasy Football League's Rules Prior to Drafting

It's imperative that you review your fantasy football league's rule prior to drafting.  The value of your players depends on the rules.  For instance, in some leagues, a touchdown pass for by a QB is worth 4 points; in others 6 points.  Some leagues penalize for interceptions, while others don't.  Some leagues even penalize for sacks! In leagues that penalize for miscues, you'll want to avoid mistake-prone QBs where possible.

QBs aren't the only positions with great variability in rules.  WRs and RBs can play in leagues that award points per reception (PPR), and in leagues that don't.  In PPR leagues, possession WRs see a huge bump in value, as do RBs that catch passes out of the backfield. 

Some leagues award points for kick and punt return yardage.  This brings relevancy to WRs and RBs that otherwise would be pointless to own.

Even kickers can be affected by rule variations.  Some leagues penalize for missed FGs and PATs; others award large bonuses for long FGs made.  This means you'd want to aim for accurate or strong-legged kickers.

So you can clearly see, it pays mightily to know your league's rules prior to drafting.

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