Caution! Fantasy Football Players You Should Think Twice About Before Drafting in 2010

Every year, some fantasy football owner drafts someone based on past heroics. Things can change drastically from one season to the next, so it is imperative to do your homework prior to each and every draft.

The players listed below (in no particular order) are some guys that I would think twice about before drafting.  I am not saying avoid them at all costs; I am saying they carry some pretty well-documented risk that you may not want to be saddled with this season.
  1. Matt Hasselbeck (QB, Seahawks) - Matt helped me win a championship several years ago.  However, the last two seasons he's been plagued by injury and the new regime in Seattle has indicated that Charlie Whitehurst could wrestle away the job if Hass disappoints.  Still, Hass has had a good preseason and says he feels fine. 
  2. Steve Slaton (RB, Texans) - Part of a crowded backfield (sharing with Arian Foster and rookie Ben Tate) on a pass-first team AND he's coming off surgery on his shoulder/neck.
  3. Brett Favre (QB, Vikings) - Even if he doesn't retire, he has a bum ankle.
  4. Percy Harvin (WR, Vikings) - Migraines and the Minnesota QB situation is unsettled.
  5. Darren McFadden (RB, Raiders) - The Raiders look improved but McFadden can't seem to stay healthy and isn't even the best RB on his own team (Michael Bush is), possessing primarily a north-south running style.
  6. Kevin Walter (WR, Texans) - Made a splash a couple of seasons ago but was disappointing last year and it looks like Jacoby Jones is the #2 receiving talent on the Texans.
  7. Julian Edelman (WR, Patriots) - Was supposed to take Wes Welker's spot in the Pats' passing game but Wes is way ahead of schedule in his ACL recover and that means Edelman will have nary a role barring a Welker setback.
  8. Lynell Hamilton (RB, Saints) - Tore his ACL on August 11. Won't be vulturing TDs this year.
  9. Roy Williams (WR, Cowboys) - The 'boys drafted Dez Bryant to complement Miles Austin.  Williams has been a bust and probably won't make much of any time he gets early on due to Bryant's high ankle sprain.
  10. Anthony Gonzalez (WR, Colts) - Gonzo didn't play at all last year.  That gave rooks Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon the opportunity to show their wares, and they did just that.  Now Peyton has a ton of targets to choose from (Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Collie, and Pierre) aside from Gonzo.  Plus Gonzo's health isn't 100% even now.
  11. Lee Evans (WR, Bills) - A notoriously inconsistent WR on a hideously poor passing offense.
  12. Redskins RBs - Mike Shanahan is coach and king (and creator) of the RBBC.  Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Willie Parker also all seem to be on the downside of their careers.
  13. Giants WRs - Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks all are talented, but all eat into each other's looks.
  14. Ben Roethlisberger  (QB, Steelers) - Suspended for six games.
  15. Carson Palmer (QB, Bengals) - Arm never the same after Tommy John surgery. Aging corps of WRs (Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens).
Again, I am not saying your season is ruined if you end up with these guys (except Hamilton).  But they could give you a lot of headaches.  Minimize risk and avoid them if you can; let another owner fall prey to the lure of the "big name" player.

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