Undervalued RBs for the 2010 Fantasy Football Season

This piece on undervalued fantasy football RBs for 2010 is the fourth article in my series analyzing KFFL's undervalued/overvalued player feature.

Here's my take on KFFL's article on undervalued RBs.

Pierre Thomas (Saints) - This is a guy that I have followed closely.  I had him most of last season and the previous season.  He's undoubtedly talented and on a team with an explosive offense.  However, Thomas will drive you crazy for several reasons.  First, the Saints are a passing team.  Second, Thomas tends to get dinged up frequently, and Saints coach Sean Payton tries to limit his carries because of that.  Third, though Mike Bell left for the Eagles, Reggie Bush and Lynell Hamilton are still around.  Of course, Bush doesn't deploy as a conventional RB much, but with Bell gone and after some impressive plays during the playoffs last season, Bush might have earned more touches (if he can stay healthy).  Hamilton could become the new Bell.  I am not saying stay away from Thomas, just realize what you are getting into and don't reach for him.

Thomas Jones (Chiefs) - Jones faded toward the end of last season and the Jets let him go since Shonn Green emerged.  I think Jones could be a sleeper.  This is because Jamaal Charles is coming off shoulder surgery and isn't built big enough to take all the banging a primary back takes.  Jones' downside is that Charles will get his touches and that the KC offense isn't that high-powered.  Keep an eye on Jones, but don't take him too early based on previous performances.

LaDanian Tomlinson (Jets) - This one I disagree most with -- LT has been fading the last few years although he was the primary back on a good offensive team.  I think Shonn Green will get a choke hold on most of the Jets running game.  The good thing is that the Jets are built on defense and the ground game (the recent acquisitions of Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes notwithstanding) so that LT will still get touches.  But will he do much with them?

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