Undervalued Wide Receivers for Fantasy Football 2010

If you treat fantasy football like an MBA would treat the stock market or a merger, you 1) research and 2) you try to find undervalued gems while avoiding overpriced players.  Why?  Because you need to fill out a roster; sacrificing depth to get your hands on a megastar often backfires because you can't ride out bye weeks and injuries.  That's why you shouldn't waste a #1 or #2 serpentine draft pick on a QB or overspend in an auction draft on a stud.  It ties your hands later in the draft.

KFFL has an excellent feature showcasing who its writers deem to be overvalued and undervalued.  To me, this is a must read for any prospective fantasy owner.  While not every assessment is unassailable, you should take into consideration everything KFFL says and then make up your own mind.

Today I'll weigh in on KFFL's undervalued wide receivers rundown.   Don't forget to come back and check out my subsequent posts regarding overvalued and undervalued players at other positions.

My thoughts on KFFL's undervalued WRs:

Lee Evans - No.  Buffalo's offense is in turmoil.  The QB situation is a mess and Evans hasn't shown great rapport with Trent Edwards, who looks to get the nod at starter.  I think that at a position as deep as WR you can avoid Evans at this point unless he proves otherwise.  I try to look at teams with good passing games and see if I should look into the #2's and even #3's on those rather than wasting roster space on #1's in anemic passing attacks that are very unreliable.  Evans only worth to me would be as a bye week filler IF he has an extremely good matchup.  And remember the weather will be frightful in Evans' late season home games.

Eddie Royal - Yes.  I expect that Brandon Marshall's departure will bump up Royal's numbers.  I don't want you to expect monster numbers from any part of the Denver passing game, but Royal could end up a solid #4 and even a decent #3 WR.

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