WR Fliers to Target During Late Rounds of 2010 Fantasy Football Drafts

In looking at my drafts of recent seasons, I often have seen one or two of my "can't miss" players disappoint.  However, I have usually overcome these underachievers with 1) savvy late round draft picks and 2) free agents.  For instance, concerning the former, a couple of years ago I drafted Ronnie Brown and DeAngelo Williams late in the draft.  Brown, of course, was coming off ACL surgery; DeAngelo was still a disappointment.  However, I thought Brown had a chance to be productive later in the season.  I thought once past a hard initial schedule, that DeAngelo also could be productive.  So I added depth with some calculated gambles.  Well, it paid off.  While high draft picks like Willie Parker and Darren McFadden fizzled, Brown was reliable and DeAngelo was not just productive -- he carried me to a title.

With that in mind, make sure to start looking into players who are flying under the radar but could reap dividends as late draft picks.  Take a look at Adam Levitan's Picking Wideout Flyers article at Rotoworld to get an early look at some WRs worth keeping in mind during the late rounds of  2010 fantasy football drafts.

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