Philadelphia Eagle QB Kevin Kolb's Draft Value for Fantasy Football 2010

Here is a brief, but good, write up at Pancake Blocks, Rotoworld's NFL blog, about the impact on the Philadelphia Eagles' passing game, and WR DeSean Jackson's value, if the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb becomes the regular starting quarterback.

My own thoughts?  DJax had a few stinkers last year while McNabb was under center, after having had a couple of torrid starts while playing catch with Kolb. McNabb simply didn't target Jackson much early but did use DJax better as the season progressed.  I think DJax would do consistently better with Kolb than he did with McNabb because, though the sample size of games those two played in together is small, Kolb and Jackson definitely showed some chemistry together.  Also, no matter the QB, the Eagles pass A TON and DJax is an exceptional talent.  And while Kolb had his best moments against questionable defenses, given the talent he's flashed, the heavy tilt toward the pass by the Eagles, and the talent around him, if becomes the Eagles' starting QB, he should do fine, and so should other members of the Eagle passing game.

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