Don't Underestimate the Importance of Stats When Managing Your Fantasy Football Team

While you have to look beyond statistics while playing fantasy football, you ignore stats at your peril.  It is imperative to have some familiarity with stats if you want to make sound judgments.  As an MBA, I love to analyze stats from a million different angles, and fantasy football is no different.

Here are some very useful sites for fantasy football:
  1. - Yes, real football stats like team pass defense and team rush defense are very useful.
  2. FFToday - My favorite for FF stats because of the clean presentation that includes targets.  A big plus is that you can sort the data many ways, unlike at many other FF stat sites.
  3. FootballOutsiders - Takes stats to a whole new level; definitely worth a look.  Use the dropdown box at top to view other positions (link directs to QBs).
  4. Pro Football Focus - Another site that goes the extra yard (sorry for the pun) when it comes to football statistics.

Using the stats found on these sites will improve your fantasy football decision making.

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